Recent Announcements

-2020 Kickoff League Meeting - April 6 @ 9am (Sharon Woods)
-2020 League Play Begins - April 13 @ 8am (Sharon Woods)
-Mark your calendars for the 2020 Perry Park Trip (The Fight for the Perry Cup!) - Oct 20, 21 & 22
-All 2019 Stats have been archived; checkout the "LEAGUE STATS ARCHIVE" to review your stats for the year and compare them year-to-year to see how you've improved!


Congratulations to the 2019 Season Champions!

1st Place: Tim McLane & Joe Korner
2nd Place: Paul Gindele & Mark Noschang (sub for Mike Birck)
3rd Place: Randy Kautz & CJ Adams
4th Place: Jim Roughan & Larry DeFazio

Thanks to all players and especially the SUBS for making this another great season. Have a great winter and see you again in the Spring!

Weather issues

Don't assume that golf is cancelled due to weather--call Hutch (375-6266), Tim (317-3836) or the Course (769-4325) to be certain. Happy golfing!

Officers for the 2020 Season

Tim McLean (President)
Joe Korner (Vice-President)
Randy Kautz (Treasurer)
Harold Hutchison [Hutch] & Russ Sheldon (Co-Secretaries)

Tips for Browsing This Website

During league play, see the results from the current week event by viewing reports in the "WEEKLY EVENT RESULTS" section. Monitor your individual and team performance for the season by viewing reports in the "YEAR-TO-DATE RESULTS" section. Also, improve your game by checking out the Golf Tips area of the site. As always, comments and suggestions for the website are welcomed by Hutch & Russ